Mr Wilson

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World Book Day

Today the children came into school dressed up as a range of different fictional characters to celebrate World Book Day. We spent the day focusing on a picture book called "Journey" which was about a lonely little girl who went on an amazing adventure.

Rhubarb Theatre

The Rhubarb Theatre company have been visiting the school this week to share their drama expertise with the children. Kirsty, who lead a workshop for each class, gave the children a drama experience that took them right around the world!

Greek Salad

Today the children worked in small groups to design and create their own Greek salads full of traditional ingredients.

Outdoor Angles

Today the children braved the frost to investigate angles on a straight line. They used willow to create their angles and used their written methods of subtraction to find missing numbers.

Espresso Coding

This afternoon the children have been exploring espresso coding in order to create their own computer games.

Investigating Friction

The children had great fun creating their own marble mazes whilst investigating friction. The idea was to increase the time taken for a marble to travel between two different points. It was great fun!

Firework Dance Performances

Over the past few weeks the children have been working alongside NK Dance to create their own dance performances with a firework theme.

Collecting Leaves

The children had lots of fun today when they helped to clear some of the autumnal leave from our woodland area.

Outdoor Problem Solving

Today the children had to hunt around our fantastic school grounds searching for mathematical word problems. They needed to solve these problems using their knowledge of the four operations.

Bonfire Police Investigation

Today the children were saddened to hear the news that a hedgehog's home had been destroyed. They had to orientate themselves around our school grounds in order to find witnesses and gather clues that could help them find out exactly who was to blame for this dastardly deed.

Night Time Animals

Today the children have taken inspiration from the latest John Lewis advert to write descriptions about nocturnal animals. They will be using these descriptions to write their very own animal stories by the end of the week.